Get a move on easier: Moving tips

Moving is a fact of life. There is no avoiding it. However, we found the ultimate list to make it less painful and more efficient so you can move into your dream home with ease. Here are a few of our biggest takeaways. Before you move, it’s a great time to truly go through your home and do a deep dive into a Spark Joy approach. Go through your things and choose what you can donate or throw away. The less stuff you must pack for your move, the better. Another big tip is to back up all your computer files and gather your important paper documents (birth certificates, tax records, insurance information, family photos, albums, etc.) so they are in one convenient place. Identify delicate items such as treasured family heirlooms and more fragile or expensive items and pack them yourself. There’s nothing worse than something arriving broken. So be sure to take extra care by packing them yourself properly. Read the big list of moving checklist here.