Earth Day is every day at Melia Homes

At Melia Homes, we are passionate about being good to the Earth. It’s home to us, our communities, so many amazing creatures, and endless forms of nature. Earth Day on April 22 is a great reminder for all of us to do better. The theme this year is ‘Invest In Our Planet’. And we firmly believe in that and ‘walk our talk’ with more sustainable building practices to building new homes with eco-friendly and energy-efficient features in our new communities throughout Southern California. Our favorite color is blue because it reminds us of our love of the ocean and how the majority of the earth is covered by water. On Earth Day, it would be a great day to donate to Surfrider Los Angeles, Surfrider Newport Beach, or Surfrider San Diego. They do incredible work to keep our coastlines and waterways healthier and safer for every living being. On behalf of the team at Melia Homes, have a wonderful Earth Day!